About Me

Artsy enough for you? ;)

Artsy enough for you? 😉

If you haven’t already noticed, my name is Sydney. I am not from Australia, nor have I ever been to Sydney, Australia (but I really want to someday!) as the blog name suggests. I am an only child because thankfully my parents had the notion that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate younger siblings and decided to make do with just me.

I enjoy photogaphy, being with my amazing family, hanging out with my friends, traveling, baking and film. Like most teenagers, I am undecided for my major but hold a strong interest in the sciences and film. But there is plenty of time before I have to start worrying about it, so currently I am enjoying life and living every moment to its fullest! Like my grandpa always says, “The world is your oyster”. A VERY big oyster. However, I don’t really like oysters… they’re too slimy for me. Update: I had another oyster over the summer (I consider this my first *real* time having an oyster because prior to that, I don’t think the oyster actually reached my stomach…) and it wasn’t that bad. The texture takes a bit getting used to.

Two furry aspects of my life include my cats, Mika and Tuco. Mika is my adorable Tortie (yes, she does have the “Tortitude” look). Tuco is extremely neurotic but is sweet when he wants to be. Both of them absolutely hate each other. They’ll be making occasional appearances on my blog (I mean, doesn’t every blog need cute pets?).


 Mika staring down Tuco.


Tuco grumpily prowling around his territory.

I’m new to blogging and can’t quite exactly say what this blog will be about. Whatever it turns out to be, I know it will be filled with humor, scrumptious baking recipes and photos detailing my teenage adventures. If anyone is reading this… thank you for your support and I hope that I inspire you in some way or another! Feel free to leave your blog name in the comments section. I’m always looking for interesting blogs to follow!

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